Individual Grant Application Form



1.     You must be resident in Wiltshire or a neighbouring County.

2.     You must be 21 or under at the time of your application.

3.     You may only apply once for funding in any 12 month period.

4.     We provide grants towards a specific cost or piece of equipment.

5.     We will not provide grants for retrospective costs.  Any grant made will be for the provision of future costs or equipment associated with your involvement in your sport.

6.     Whilst there is no set limit for our grants these will typically be in the region of £250 – £500 depending on each individual circumstances.

7.     Please note that our funding pot is limited and applications will be considered on a first come first serve basis and subject to current reserves.

8.     Successful applicants should be prepared to acknowledge Doing it for Dan in any media coverage or promotional material and give permission for their name to be used by Doing it for Dan in our own media and promotion.

Since it was formed in 2016, Doing It For Dan has raised thousands of pounds in order to award grants to individuals, teams and organisations in Wiltshire and its surrounding counties.  We strive to support a wide variety of requests from families of children and young adults, regardless of the background and ability of the applicant.  Please ensure you have read the following funding criteria before completing and submitting your application to

    Section 1: About you.

    Section 2: About your sport.

    Please provide a name and contact details for your referee e.g. the head coach at your sports club

    Please provide details of the anticipated expenses likely to be incurred in your sport over the next 12 months (this may be approximate)

    You must include what it is for and the costs involved, for example: Equipment - £100, Gym membership - £250.

    Please confirm whether you receive funding from any other person or organisation.

    *If YES please give details below including Person/Organisation and the amount of funding.

    Please confirm whether you have received funding from Doing it for Dan before.

    *If YES please give details below including the date received, what it was used for and the amount of funding.

    Further Information

    Section 3: Self Declaration.

    Section 4: Privacy Policy.

    Doing it for Dan is the data controller for the personal information you provide in this form. Doing it for Dan’s Data Protection Manager can be contacted at
    For further information about how Doing it for Dan uses your personal data, including your rights as a data subject, please see our Privacy Policy on our website at this link Privacy Policy

    Section 5: Submission.

    If your request relates to equipment, please attach 2 official quotes you have received for the equipment.

    Please submit your application below, or alternatively, send by post to Doing it For Dan, 64 Emerald Crescent, Swindon, SN25 2SL
    We will endeavour to acknowledge receipt within 48 hour and also let you know the date at which your application will be reviewed – we review applications once a quarter in January, April, July and October.