Elliot Pinson #76 Race Report

TeamGreen Junior Cup 2018 Round 1 Brands Hatch Indy

Elliot entered this round returning to racing having not had much riding since a start line incident at Oulton Park on the 1st of May 2017 resulted in a broken leg. He finally had the metal pins removed from his leg on the 4th of January 2018, and a month later was cleared to start racing and training again as normal. This didn’t leave much time to prepare for the 1st round on the 10th of March 2018 and the sudden cold weather snap meant that what track days were available were very cold and wet and even cancelled due to snow, nevertheless Elliot rode again for the first time on cold wet day in February at Mallory Park. In addition Elliot had to miss the Friday test day at Brands Hatch due to School commitments, this meant qualifying was his first session out for the weekend.

In the end it was a dream return to racing for Elliot, taking 3 out of 3 wins in the Team Green Junior Cup (TGJC) and to top it all off he was awarded two prizes, the Kawasaki TGJC rider of the day and the Rod Harwin Racing overall British Motorcycle Racing Club (BMCRC) meeting rider of the day. After taking maximum points Elliot has a lead of 22 points in the TGJC championship

The next round is Silverstone International 7th April.

Friday 9th March Test Day School

Saturday 10th March

The wet qualifying saw Elliot steadily improving his lap times as he got more confident and re- learned the track he hadn’t visited since April 2017, resulted in a fastest lap of 1:02:131, which placed him the fastest in the TGJC and put him on P2 of the combined grid with the Senior 300 class.

Race 1: A wide dry line had developed on a drying track, but still not fully confident opted to still use a wet front tyre. For the first two laps Elliot dropped a place to 3rd in the combined grid as he assessed the grip level, by lap 5 he had taken the overall lead and held to win the opening race of the TGJC by 23 seconds.

Race 2: The track was no fully dry. Elliot stated from pole position of the combined grid, a 6 lap battle ensued with the leading senior rider, but by lap 7 Elliot took the lead and held it to the end, finishing 28 seconds ahead of the next TGJC rider.

Sunday 11th March

Race 1: Starting from combined grid pole position on a drying wet track, Elliot decided to assess the grip levels and reading his pit board after the first lap found he had a 1.2 second lead over the next TGJC rider, so decided not to chase the leading Senior rider and risk crashing in the uncertain conditions. He finished the race first in the TGJC 14 seconds ahead of the next TGJC rider.

Race 2: Cancelled due to track contamination.

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Photo credit Mich DuCran Photography