We are so pleased that we have been able to help these children with the walking frames so that they can enjoy some sporting activities and have fun with their friends.

Please read the comments and see the photo’s below and thank you to all our supporters that have helped make this possible.

Patsy Hallmey Co-Founder of The Dorset Children’s Foundation said: ‘The beauty of this donation from ‘Doing it for Dan’ is that it has enabled not just these children to benefit from the walkers but they will be passed on to other children to be reused in due course, and available for an immediate need. You will be very glad to know that all the walkers that you paid for are in use at the moment and making a massive difference to these children.  We are so grateful for this, the gift that keeps on giving.’

Kitty has two rare genetic condition: Kabuki Syndrome which leads to muscle weakness and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which leads to connective tissue disorders. She attends both a specialist and Mainline School and was not provided with a walker for the latter, until ‘Doing it for Dan’ stepped in.


Kitty’s Mum said: ‘It was just so wonderful to see Kitty able to compete in her sports day with her class mates. The first day she got her walker she was seen doing the conga around the playground. A few weeks later it was her sports day and for the first time she was able to participate with her class mates.’


Through ‘Doing it for Dan’ we have enabled little Jacob and Ethan to play their beloved Frame Football with both children using their walkers on the pitch at AFCB, a proud moment for their families.


Santiago is depicted in the photo’s enjoying his walker and it has made a huge difference to him.