Firstly, a massive thank you to everyone that took part. You were all so brave, many upgrading to jump from 15,000 ft instead of 10,000 ft!

We haven’t got the final figures yet as some money is still coming in, but it looks like we will have all raised a total of around £6000, which is absolutely amazing! So a big thank you to everyone who supported us and donated, it is really appreciated!

We were so lucky on the day. The forecast for the weekend looked poor with lots of rain and the Saturday evening before we had a message from Go Skydive that we should still come down in the morning but it wasn’t looking good. Most of us set off around 6 am on the Sunday morning traveling in torrential rain all of the way there. The roads where really flooded and the sky was black. To be honest we didn’t think we would be jumping. We had a welcome briefing and then headed off to the cafe for a long wait and a bit of breakfast. We couldn’t believe it, within 5 minutes we were being called, the sky had cleared and the sun was shinning and the first group would be in the air within 15 minutes, thanks Dan! We were in the pub celebrating by 1.30 pm, none of us could stop smiling. Maybe we should make this an annual event.

Hopefully you have seen some photo’s and videos that have been posted online.