Swindon Half

A massive thank you to our Doing it for Dan runners (Kev Crocker, Debbie Jennings, Kelly Pegler & Sara Bentley) in the Swindon Half Marathon, they raised a total of £785.00 It was an early start but a lovely sunny day and we hope you all enjoyed it. We were there cheering all the runners [&hell

Bridlewood Fitness Day

A massive thank you to the 270 children, the team of young leaders from Bradon Forest and everyone else who was involved in the Bridlewood Fitness Day. The total amount of funding you have raised for us is currently standing at £320. We really appreciate your support and it’s lovely to see that y

Swindon Half Marathon

Thank you Esme Davis, Alex Bielby, Kevin Crocker, Scott Boden, Amy Light, Anna Jensen. And to everyone else who flying the flag for Doing it for Dan, including Mike & Neil. You all did so well today and helped us raise a total of £1925 so far. We hope you enjoyed it although the weather [&helli